What is the purpose of D-power

  • Heart and cardiovascular system
  • vit d plays arole in the health of cardiovascular system as well, helping reduce the risk of various complications of the heart and blood vessels , daily intake of vitamin d may decrease stiffness of specific blood vessels .the more vitamin d is taken ,more improvement in blood vessel structure may be preserved .

Strong immune system

  • Vitamin d plays arole in regulation of immune system,it may also have a positive influence on immune –related conditions such as acute and chronic respiratory complications and may help to diminish their symptoms when they occur .
  • Healthy nervous system,may fight depression
    vitamin d substantialy affects the brain and nervous system,low vitamin d levels may be associated with increased sleepiness and sleep difficulties .

Metabolism and weight loss

Vitamin d is involve in numerous metablic process through out the body. vit d can positively influence blood sugar imbalances and metabolic process.

Strong and healthy bones and teeth

Vit d supports the normal structure and function of bones and muscles


According to the s.vitamin d3 levels


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